My photographs are studies in the subtle play of light as it moves across the surface of deserts, canyons and other wilderness areas. The resulting images are an exploration of the forms, textures and patterns which exist in nature. The art and architecture of prehistoric cultures are the theme of many of my studies. I have also turned my lens toward more recent relics: abandoned machinery and automobiles, preserved by the clean, dry environment of arid regions, revealing their own unique patterns in the clear desert light. My studies of old vehicles metamorphosing into art through the ravages of time and weather are good examples of this.

The images in my Classic Images in Black and White galleries are traditional photographs with fine detail and a wide tonal range which I create in my darkroom on silver-based paper. They are then selenium toned for permanence and double matted using archival materials.

In my Contemporary Images galleries, my photographs have been created utilizing a number of contemporary photographic techniques. They are then printed on archival canvas, metal, acrylic or resin. Many of the images shown are available in colour or black and white.

All of my photographs are produced in limited editions of twenty-five. Please contact me for more information at


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