W. Stephen Cooper - Photographer
Ghosts & Relics


CanadaMaltingSeriesEscapeRoute CanadaMaltingSeriesTheElevators CanadaMaltingSeriesTheTank DesertGhostsBuickEightatTwinRocks
Escape Route The Elevators The Tank Buick Eight at Twin Rocks
DesertGhostsMormonT DesertGhostsTheWorkhorse NotoriousBlairStreet DesertGhostsDancehallQueen
Mormon T The Workhorse Notorious Blair Street Dancehall Queen
48-Swamper-Powerwagon Boldt-Castle,-Clock-Tower Boldt-Castle,-Playhouse Bug-Ranch,Texas-Panhandle
48-Swamper Powerwagon Boldt Castle, Clock Tower Boldt Castle, Playhouse Bug Ranch, Texas Panhandle
Cadillac-Ranch Costa-Rican-Rover Cripple-Creek-Cabin Jet-Towing-Service
Cadillac Ranch Costa Rican Rover Cripple Creek Cabin Jet Towing Service
Jordanian-Pirate-Ship Kodak-Moment_-Canadian-Head-Office Kodak-Moment-II_-Canadian-Head-Office Licenced-Bone-Carrier
Jordanian Pirate Ship Kodak Moment
Canadian Head Office
Kodak Moment II
Canadian Head Office
Licenced Bone Carrier
Lucille's-66-on-66 Miner's-Cabin,Thompson-Canyon Moab--Hauler Nebraska-Steak-Truck
Lucille's 66 on 66 Miner's Cabin, Thompson Canyon Moab Hauler Nebraska Steak Truck
Neil-Young's-Buick-bus Route-66-Drive-In--Weatherford Teardrop-With-Skirts
Neil-Young's Buick-bus Route 66 Drive-In, Weatherford Teardrop With Skirts


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